When I was in elementary school about ten years ago, our house used solar water heaters. Solar water heaters were particularly popular in China at that time, and almost all new buildings were equipped with solar water heaters because people were glad to contribute to the environment and save on electricity bills. But about eight years later, our family abandoned solar water heaters and switched to natural gas for water heating.

Although I know this, I have never thought about why. Therefore, when I knew that solar energy was involved in our design this time, I asked my father why…

In terms of governance philosophy, Biden’s energy and climate policies are the most different from Trump. He proposed new goals based on emissions reduction and energy transition.

Biden’s climate change and energy policies are highly unified. They have borrowed a lot from the “Green New Deal” concept proposed by the Democratic Party’s left-wing. This is a good thing compared to Trump’s announcement of withdrawing from the Paris Agreement.

But why do we need to achieve the goal of zero net emissions target? I want to talk about it from the biggest event in 2020, coronavirus.

The new crown epidemic has…

I was a littile surprised when Krsitina asked us to show guests with the precendents we used during design in presentation, to reassure the reviewers that these ideas are not all invented — they have been built, at least as prototypes, or are under serious consideration elsewhere. Due to that will help them consider our proposals for big changes more seriously.

I used to think that only designs that proposed new things can be called good designs, so when I was designing, I always tried to come up with something novel, something other landscape architects hadn’t used before. But in…

When I was doing my boards, I found that it’s a little hard for me to organize all my thoughts and photos properly. So I have to go back and check all my notes and pictures, costing a lot of time while it could be saved with a better workflow. Therefore, I am doing a reflection with some tips to help projects in the future.

  1. Don’t open AI until the end. To do my boards, I firstly wrote down a list of photos I’d like to put on, and after that, I opened my AI to do the layout. …

Landscape architects have been trying to grasp the concept of “social influence”, and propose to free academia from the narrow technicalization and specialization. One of the keys to increasing social influence is to capture public discourse and give it a new definition that can actually move the hearts of ordinary readers, change the way they think, and form new movements or strategies. Therefore, it’s a good chance to give manifesto towards the public as a landscape architect with a new definition- Green New Deal.

One question that has always been asked is how to persuade those who don’t agree to…

I suddenly realized that before this class, I seldom thought of “community” in design. It is weird cause I always think that landscape architects initially design for human beings.

In China, all the lands belong to the government, and individuals or units such as real estate development Companies only have the right to use the land. And the government serves citizens. That’s to say, most of the landscapes are designed for “communities.” But in the real design process, for example, an urban park, most of the designers are more likely to analyze the communities’ demand through past experiences and what…

Through the study of Aubrey Davis Park, I have a deeper understanding for a landscape’s identity.

In my opinion, the identity of a landscape is not innate, instead, it is given and defined by human’s emotions and feelings. For example, in a same location, Park A has 2000 trees while Park B has 10000 trees and they have same area. Although they are different with each other physically, but it’s hard to identify the two parks in landscape architecture discipline.

However, when people are visiting these two parks, they could have distinct feelings. For example, they might feel comfortable and…

Chinese economy has been badly hit by the new epidemic. Therefore, many people lost their jobs, lost their income and even could not survive. Therefore, after the epidemic situation controlled to some extent, the Chinese government put forward “Street-stall Economy”, encouraging people to set up stalls on the street to promote consumption.

In fact, for Chinese people, Street-stall Economy is not a new concept. Almost 20 years ago, people could see very prosperous flea markets and street stalls all around the country, especially during night. At that time, the traffic preasure was not heavy, people used to ride bikes and…

It can’t be better to see all the classmates’ work together!! I really learned a lot from you great guys!

It’s really a tough and hard but meaningful experience of drawing the section perspective. And even before the final presentation in 10.19, I was uncertain whether I can really finish it well.

It is started from Rhino model. And I waste a lot of time in rhino, that’s because at first, I wanted to make a whole model of our designed topography og the pond. After stuggling a really long time, I gave up.

And I turned to use photograph to display our topography change.


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